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Hello! I am Amal Shan and I’m an author associated with this website. I have been in Las Vegas for the last couple of years, right at the epicenter of the world gambling scene.

Amal Shan

Name:Amal Shan
Occupation:Author/ Casino Reviewer at bestcasinositesindia.com
Residence:Las Vegas Boulevard
Star sign:Cancer
Hobbies:Painting, singing, writing
Motto:Think positive! Work hard
Favorite casino:Bellagio
Favorite games:Slot Machine, Blackjack, Roulette
Writes about:How to play Casino games, Features of live casino online

Vegas hosts the maximum number of casino games, both online and offline. It is legal unlike most of India and is a Disneyland for the gamblers. I had tried roulette and online blackjack with my college friends for the first time and found it really interesting.

I used to go to casinos whenever I got a few leisure hours to spare from my part-time job schedule. I have always been an enthusiast of gambling in casinos. Thankfully, reviewing live casinos and online roulette became a part of my job after I came across a post which needed new authors for casino content. Instantly, I decided to give up my desk job and started working full-time as an independent reviewer right from when I hit the legal age of 18. My love for experiencing diverse themes, unexpected outcomes, and possibilities of great wins gradually turned into a routine as I started reviewing live casinos as a part of my writing job. The themed slots, offering progressive jackpots, amazing multipliers, features, and the live dealer variations really fascinated me.

I have been writing fact-based reviews for leading Vegas casinos, their game categories and themes, jackpots, casino bonuses, licenses, and payment methods. My website is categorically targeted towards newbies who look for solid credible information to start-off their gambling spree with real cash deposits. With thousands of casinos out there, new players often find it hard to decide on a casino that is safe, licensed, and offers the right blend of games. With comparative studies, ratings, and user feedback, I produce trustable and tested reviews that help players choose the right casinos.